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MagnetOs Clinical Whitepaper

Use of a Novel Biphasic Calcium Phosphate with Submicron Surface Topography as an Extender to Autograft in Posterolateral Spinal Fusion

MagnetOs Published Data

Arthrodesis of the subtalar joint using a novel biphasic calcium phosphate bone graft

MagnetOs Published Data

Clinical, Radiographic, and Histologic Outcomes of Ankle Arthrodesis in a Diabetic Patient using a Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Bone Graft with a Novel Submicron Needle-shaped Surface Topography

MagnetOs Clinical Whitepaper

Favorable preliminary results of MagnetOs as standalone alternative to autograft in a prospective, multi-center, randomized, intra-patient controlled trial

MagnetOs Clinical Whitepaper

Use of novel biphasic calcium phosphate with submicron surface topography in interbody fusion

Immunomodulation by MagnetOs bone graft and a Novel Injectable Parathyroid Hormone for Interbody Fusion by Dr. Todd Allen

Dr. Todd Allen shares his clinical experience of MagnetOs bone graft