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MagnetOs Putty

MagnetOs Putty bone graft

Move the needle in fusion with speed and efficiency

Speed and efficiency are essential in the operating room, which is why we designed MagnetOsTM Putty to be easy to store, handle, and apply. 

MagnetOs Putty delivers all the benefits of our established MagnetOs family thanks to our unique NeedleGripTM surface technology – which grows bone even in soft tissue* without added cells or growth factors.1-3†‡

Simply warm it in your hands, mold into the desired shape, and use it to fill bony voids spaces any way you need, including in the intervertebral disc space or posterolateral spine.4,§

Easy to store, handle, & apply 

Unlike frozen allografts, MagnetOs can be stored at ambient temperature (max. 45ºC / 113°F) with no special requirements.5 MagnetOs Putty is ready-to-use straight out of the package with no preparation time or thawing needed. The carrier is designed to maximize handling properties, so you can twist, tear, and mold it into any shape desired before implantation and remain confident that it will stay in place and resist migration and irrigation.5

Free of animal & human tissues 

MagnetOs Putty contains no animal or human-derived tissue – just like MagnetOs Granules and MagnetOs Easypack Putty.5-7 This alleviates patient concerns during consent for use of allograft or xenograft-derived products in surgery.

One product for spine & orthopedics 

This is a versatile graft that is indicated for standalone use at all levels of the posterolateral spine, in the intervertebral disc space and in the extremities and pelvis. 5,§

MagnetOs Putty in the OR

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