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MagnetOs Granules

MagnetOs Granules bone graft for fusion

Move the needle in fusion with our foundational, proven solution

MagnetOs™ Granules is our original advanced bone graft based on the submicron needle-shaped NeedleGrip™ surface technology.  It forms the foundation of all MagnetOs formulations and is the driver of our mechanism of action. 

The scientists from Kuros Biosciences have spent more than a decade studying and refining the technology and surface science to harness the power of osteoimmunology. 

These continuous efforts to mimic the best features of biologically robust autograft bone have led to the creation of MagnetOs as it is today. 

Strong foundation & proven

MagnetOs Granules is the basis for all MagnetOs formulations and has been 510(k)-cleared since 2017. This foundational technology has paved the way for more than 25,000 patients treated and counting; all supported by an unprecedented blend of scientific, preclinical, and clinical studies through our global research program, Project Fusion.1  

Harnessing the immune system 

MagnetOs is capable of polarizing macrophages from the M1 pro-inflammatory to the M2 pro-healing phenotype, which is known to influence bone growth through secretion of proteins such as BMP-2. MagnetOs has been shown in pre-clinical studies to form bone even in soft tissue* without added cells or growth factors.2,3,4†‡ These features combine to make MagnetOs an active player in providing predictable fusions.

Equivalent to autograft 

In fact, MagnetOs Granules as a standalone bone graft reached higher fusion rates than the gold standard of autograft. This is based on results of an observer blinded, randomized, controlled, intrapatient, multi-center clinical trial of instrumented posterolateral fusions, as assessed by fine-cut CT scans at one year follow-up.1 

The MagnetOs Granules technology is also proven to be equivalent to autograft for spinal fusions in multiple pre-clinical models.1,5,6†¶

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