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MagnetOs for predictable fusions


the current % rate of non-unions.1,2


the current % rate of revision surgeries needed.3


the % fusion rate that can be improved by choosing the most effective bone graft.2,4,5

A bone graft like no other

MagnetOs isn’t like other bone grafts. It grows bone even in soft tissue thanks to our unique NeedleGrip surface technology which provides traction for our body’s vitally important ‘pro-healing’ immune cells (M2 macrophages).*†6,7

This in turn, unlocks previously untapped potential to stimulate stem cells – and form new bone throughout the graft.*8-10

The growing body of science behind NeedleGrip is called osteoimmunology. But for surgeons and their patients it means one thing: a more efficient and predictable fusion.*‡10

the evidence

MagnetOs is proven to be equivalent to the gold standard of autograft for spinal fusions.8-10 It has been used in more than 5,000 successful spinal fusion surgeries to date, and is supported by an unprecedented blend of scientific, pre-clinical and clinical studies through Project Fusion: our global research program, where science and clinical evidence meet.

Kuros is the first and only company to reliably translate evidence from benchtop through to patient. Watch these 5 videos to see how.

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Scoliosis cases

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