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Use a revolutionary bone graft with success in the surface

We’re on a mission to help tackle the problem of non-unions. So we developed an advanced bone graft – with a unique submicron topography – for spinal fusions you can rely on.



of fusion procedures result in a non-union1-2


of patients go on to require revision procedures3

The good news? Using the most effective bone graft can improve outcomes by up to 60%


Peer-reviewed research from spinal surgeons indicates that synthetic bone graft extenders are among the best options for posterolateral fusion.2,4

Start safeguarding your patients against non-unions by harnessing the power of osteoimmunology with MagnetOs

The science behind the surface

MagnetOs, our biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) bone graft, mimics the porous, trabecular structure of cancellous bone. We developed its unique submicron surface topography to harness the power of macrophage polarization and osteoimmunology to deliver uniform, stable and reliable fusions.

Watch to find out how MagnetOs’ needle-shaped submicron features promote attachment and spreading of macrophages, leading to the formation of bone, even in soft tissue.5*

Preclinical data

MagnetOs vs Key competitors

In clinically-relevant animal models of spine fusion, Vitoss® BA2X and Novabone Putty appeared to be fused when assessed by X-rays. But histological exploration uncovered only fibrous tissue.7*

In contrast, MagnetOs was filled with new bone and radiographically, biomechanically and histologically equivalent to autograft, at all timepoints.7*

MagnetOs vs Autograft

In peer-reviewed preclinical studies, multiple fusion end-point analysis at the 12-week mark showed MagnetOs’ performance was equivalent to the ‘gold standard’ of autograft.6,7*

Preclinical data

Versus Competitors

Versus Autograft

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