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Project Fusion: where Science & Clinical Evidence meet

Making the unpredictable… predictable

Today, nearly 1 in 5 spinal fusions fail. So, what can we do to change this situation – for the benefit of patients, surgeons and our wider society?

This is the question that drives us at Kuros. Every day our team works across three continents to unlock the hidden secrets of bone healing through our research, development & technology program: Project Fusion.

To deliver the ideal bone graft, we believe you need the highest quality & quantity of scientific evidence behind it. Which is why Project Fusion brings together an unprecedented blend of scientific, preclinical and clinical studies – all aimed at making the unpredictable…predictable.

The evidence is clear

So how are we translating the benefits of Project Fusion? We are generating a clinical data package that is far superior to any other bone graft cleared for use via the same regulatory pathway. This includes:


clinical trials initiated.


patents granted.


scientific papers published.


patients successfully treated.

Easing the burden of spine surgery

The motivation behind Project Fusion is clear. Spine-related pain is taking a huge toll on our society: more days in bed, more days off work, and at a greater financial cost to westernized healthcare than any other condition.

Physician visits have doubled over 20 years.1

United States 1998 to 2013

<p><strong>Physician visits have doubled over 20 years.<sup>1</sup></strong></p>

The leading cause of days off work.2

United States 2015

<p><strong>The leading cause of days off work.<sup>2</sup></strong></p>

More bed days than for any other condition.3

United States 2015

<p><strong>More bed days than for any other condition.<sup>3</sup></strong></p>

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