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MagnetOs Flex Matrix

MagnetOs Flex Matrix bone graft with bone marrow aspirate

Move the needle in spinal fusion:

with our open fibrillar matrix

MagnetOsTM Flex Matrix provides our pro-healing NeedleGripTM surface technology with immediate access to cancellous bone: for a more predictable fusion. 

MagnetOs Flex Matrix is an open matrix bone graft with a unique fibrillar – and flexible – structure that optimizes the effect of our established NeedleGrip surface technology. By exposing the NeedleGrip surface to the surrounding biological environment, MagnetOs promotes bone growth even in soft tissue for a more predictable fusion.*†‡1-4

Furthermore, this product gives you greater efficiency in the operating room, thanks to its exceptional wicking properties. In fact, MagnetOs Flex Matrix absorbs up to ten times as much BMA as a leading competitor’s bone graft.4 

MagnetOs Flex Matrix is also extremely convenient to use with excellent granule retention. It stays strong yet flexible even when wet: so you can tear it, mold it, and fold it to fill bony spaces any way you need, including in the intervertebral disc space or posterolateral spine.4,5


MagnetOs Flex Matrix features an open fibrillar – and more flexible – design comparable to native collagen, rather than the cross-linked, sheet-like morphology often seen in other bone grafts. 

Practical & versatile 

Because it features the fibrillar structure of natural collagen, MagnetOs Flex Matrix retains its strength and shape while remaining flexible. It’s convenient to handle. It isn’t brittle when dry; nor does it break up and become soggy when wet.4 

All of which makes this product incredibly versatile. Simply tear it, mold it, and fold it any way you need to fill irregularly shaped bone defects, gaps and voids. 

High wickability & granule-volume percentage 

MagnetOs Flex Matrix has extremely high wickability. In fact, it absorbs up to ten times as much BMA as a leading competitor’s bone graft – providing more cells to support bone growth. It also carries and retains a higher volume percentage of granules.4 Wet cohesivity is designed into this bone graft so that granules don’t shed easily, even when hydrated. 

MagnetOs Flex Matrix versus i-Factor Putty implanted in sheep showing new bone formation results after 12 weeks

Propagation in action

Histology revealed significant graft resorption complemented by abundant bone tissue and continuous bony bridging between transverse processes, resulting in spinal fusion in all implants treated with MagnetOs Flex Matrix.

Conversely, continuous bone bridging was not observed and therefore not considered fused for any of the implants treated with i-FACTOR® Putty.*§4

MagnetOs Flex Matrix in the OR

into the posterolateral spine

MagnetOs Flex Matrix in the OR

into the intervertebral disc space via funnel

Product code     Volume         Dimensions (mm)             Granule size (mm)

703-056-US         Small              28 L x 28 W x 3 H           0.25-1

703-057-US         Medium          48 L x 35 W x 3 H           0.25-1

703-058-US         Large              96 L x 35 W x 3 H          0.25-1

703-059-US         Extra Large     96 L x 35 W x 4.5 H        0.25-1


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