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Dr. Huipin Yuan

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, PhD

Joined Kuros in 2000

Huipin Yuan Ph.D is a senior scientist in Kuros Biosciences BV, The Netherlands. He got his Bachelor (BSc, 1989) and Master (MSc, 1992) from Peking University, China and his Ph.D (Ph.D, 2001) from Leiden University, The Netherlands. Majored in Physiology for his Bachelor and Master, he developed synthetic materials according to biological functions when he stepped into Biomedical Material Science as a Ph.D student.  He deciphered the crucial material factors governing osteoinduction of synthetics and made osteoinductive synthetics commercially available for bone substitution in clinics. He worked on biological mechanism of osteoinductive materials in recent years and discovered the role of osteoclastogenesis in material-induced bone formation. His work has been well accepted in the scientific field with more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and over 10,000 citations. He is now exploring the biological functions of physical cues and striving for the regeneration of tissues other than bone.

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