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Our latest product candidate delivers targeted and controlled bone formation.

Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) promotes bone formation through the induction of osteoprogenitor cell differentiation, enhancement of osteoblast proliferation and by increasing the lifespan of bone-forming cells. Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) is entering Phase 2 clinical trials for spine fusion in humans.

Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) is the first ever investigational drug-biologic product candidate being evaluated for spinal fusion.#



This product candidate is based on the well-established mechanism of action of parathyroid hormone – or PTH as it is commonly known – and the natural healing matrix fibrin. Using its proprietary technology, a modified PTH is covalently bound to fibrin through the TG-Hook peptide linker, which also contains a site for enzyme-mediated release of PTH.1

Watch to find out how Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) can achieve spinal fusion through prolonged and controlled delivery of PTH from a single application in the spine.

Comparable efficacy to rhBMP-2

Demonstrated for Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) in preclinical animal studies of spinal fusion.2*#

Easy to use

Excellent flowability and setting properties for Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) in preclinical studies.3*#

Clinical experience

Effective for bone healing with a promising safety profile in two Phase 2 orthopedic trauma trials.4,5

Ready for Phase 2

Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) is entering Phase 2 clinical trials for spine fusion in humans.6

Clinical evidence from bone healing indications


Tibial shaft fractures


Tibial plateau fractures

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