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MagnetOs Detailer

Getting a grip on non-unions

MagnetOs isn’t like other bone grafts. It grows bone even in soft tissue thanks to our unique NeedleGrip surface technology which provides traction for our body’s vitally important ‘pro-healing’ immune cells (M2 macrophages).*†1,2

This in turn, unlocks previously untapped potential to stimulate stem cells – and form new bone throughout the graft.*3-5

The growing body of science behind NeedleGrip is called osteoimmunology. But for surgeons and their patients it means one thing: a more efficient and predictable fusion.*‡5

*Results from in vivo laboratory testing may not be predictive of clinical experience in humans. For important safety and intended use information please visit †MagnetOs is not cleared by the FDA as an osteoinductive bone graft. ‡MagnetOs has been proven to generate more predictable fusions than two commercially available alternatives in an ovine model of posterolateral fusion.

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